Tips on portrait photography!

Tips on portrait photography! 

There are over 3 main types of photography such as still life, landscape and portrait, all of which differs on the subject used, camera placement, iSO and so on. ‘Still life’ captures moving scenes, ‘landscape’ captures views and sights while ‘portrait’ captures a single subject. These types are important to practise as a beginner since each one will teach you different things about photography and a great place to consider starting off with is portrait.

Portrait photography allows you to capture memories and moments through an individual subject. So you can capture various things such as animals, objects, people and so on. If you’re interested to know more about it, Chancellor Official has created a list of tips and tricks in taking portrait photography! Check it out down below:

Get good lighting

One of the most important things you have to consider when taking portrait photos is having good lighting. This will allow you to play with colours, set moods and even get better and brighter shots. 

So when planning a photoshoot, try doing it before lunch or after lunch, mainly when it’s the brightest. Avoid scheduling photoshoots late in the afternoon or during dinner time unless you’re planning on using the darkness as an asset accessory to your photos. 

Use proper lenses

Another thing that’ll help you take better portrait shots is by using the right lenses. As beginners, you’ll most likely be working with the lenses that come with the camera, which is fine. This will allow you to also practise other types of photography. But if you want to master and create quality portrait photos then get yourself a portrait lens! 

These lenses capture less on your frame and have a shorter range. This is why you only need to stand an arm’s length away from your subject when taking portrait photos, allowing you to capture and focus the shot only on them.

Practise and practise!

Most people think portraits have to be easier to master since you’re dealing with a subject you can modify and control. But in reality, portrait photography is deemed to be one of the hardest since you won’t be able to depend on anything else but your own skill. 

Unlike landscape photography, you’ll be able to take advantage of the given light, subjects, colours and so on, all you have to do is set composition and the right angle then capture away!

Set a theme

To make your portrait shots much more interesting, try setting a theme! When you set a theme you can also incorporate props, have a consistent vibe and so on. Plus this will also challenge you as a photographer since you’ll have to look for ways to capture the theme through your own creative vision, overall helping improve your skills.

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