Tips on landscape photography!

Tips on landscape photography! 

Taking your photography skills to the next level is a terrific idea whether you’re just getting started or have been doing it for a while. And a place to start is by practising the types of photography. 

There are three main types which are portrait, still life and landscape. You can utilise anything and everything around you for practice whether it’s your friends, family, random objects, the view and so much more!

One of the best types to start with is landscape photography. This allows you to practice anytime or anywhere since your subject is ‘nature’ which is easier to master than other types! So if you’re curious to know how to take great landscape photos, Chancellor Official has created a list, check out all the tips and tricks down below:

Don’t be shy

One of the things that will hinder you as a photographer is not striving to get the right angle or lighting which will mean bending down, laying down or asking people to move over. 

Remember why you’re practising and it’s to take good photos! Plus since your subject is nature and the view this is something you won’t be able to have control of, unlike human subjects. So don’t let anything, especially yourself, get in the way.

Look for a composition

Composition is something you’ll be learning in photography. This is a photographic technique that allows a photographer to set up the element of a photo. So you can either go for patterned, symmetrical subjects and so on. So before taking a picture you first have to analyze whether or not the shot has a composition. Categorise your frame into 3 parts: left, centre and right or up, centre and down. 

An example of a composition is making a subject out of the Eiffel tower. This has composition because the subject stands in the centre of the frame. Another is by taking a centred photo of a table with a coffee cup in the corner. Even if it isn’t balanced, it has composition because your subject is seated in the left-hand corner of the frame.

Don’t copy, create!

As a beginner, you’ll most likely try to copy other photographers in hope of creating something as good as their work. But that’s something you have to avoid doing. Not only is it illegal, but it also prevents you from finding your own style and personality in photography. So try to practise and create your own style, soon you’ll notice your work will always have a certain personality to it that screams you!

Shoot raw

Another great way to improve your photography skills is by shooting raw. Take advantage of the natural light nature creates! As a beginner try practising this and avoid using filters! Using a filter on photos will make you dependent on it and will make you lose an ‘eye’ for great lighting and angles. 

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